What is Myopia Answered by a Shreveport, LA Ophthalmologist

According to the American Optometric Association, approximately 30 million Americans have myopia. At Shreveport Eye Clinic, serving Shreveport LA and the surrounding area, we're a group of eye doctors in Shreveport who test for visual impairments. We help as many people as we can to find a solution for their myopia.

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What is Myopia

Myopia is a common condition that affects a person's distance vision. Also known as nearsightedness, this condition causes issues with the clarity of objects in the distance. It occurs when the eyeball is too long or the eyeball is too curved. Therefore, the light that enters the eye doesn't focus on the retina properly, causing images in the distance to appear blurry.  

The exact cause of myopia isn't known. Those who spend a great deal of time on the computer or reading tend to experience nearsightedness more often than those who refrain from activities that require up-close vision. Usually, the condition arises in school-aged children and continues to worsen until about the age of 20. 

Symptoms of Myopia

Images in the distance will appear blurry or not well defined. If you weren't prescribed contacts or glasses in Shreveport in the past, you might notice headaches or frequently squinting to see images in the distance. You might feel fatigued when you drive, play sports or participate in any activity that requires your visual focus. If you already had corrective eyewear from an Ophthalmologist in Shreveport and have these symptoms, it may be time for a stronger prescription. 

Testing for Myopia

Our Shreveport ophthalmologists will test your visual acuity by having you look through lenses and read letters on a distance chart. You'll receive a fraction to determine the severity of your condition in terms of distance. Using a specialized device known as a phoropter and retinoscope, our ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA will be able to judge how well your eyes focus light.  

Myopia Treatment

Treatment for myopia consists of prescription glasses or contact lenses. In some cases, you'll need to wear your prescription eyewear all of the time. In other cases, you'll only need to wear them when you drive or watch a movie. Various types of lenses exist such as photochromatic lenses and high-index lenses. You might need specialized contacts if you have astigmatism in addition to your myopia. 

In addition to determining your prescription, the doctor will measure your eyes for contacts, so you receive contacts that stay in your eye and fit comfortably. If you opt for glasses, the doctor will measure your face for them, so the glasses fit snugly on your face. 

Get Myopia Treatment with Our Shreveport, LA

If you have symptoms of myopia or are due for a regular examination, contact Shreveport Eye Clinic, serving Shreveport LA and the surrounding area, by contacting us at (318) 861-4009 to schedule an appointment. 


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