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Blue Light Protection from Our Ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA

Are you experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain due to excessive blue light exposure? If you are, you may want to consider scheduling an eye exam with one of our Shreveport ophthalmologists. Our ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA can help you reduce your blue light exposure with computer glasses.

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What is Blue Light?

Blue light is emitted both naturally and artificially. When the sun shines during the day, human eyes are exposed to blue light as well as many other colors of light, including orange, red and green. When we are indoors, blue light is emitted from television sets, computer monitors, cell phone screens and digital tablets. Too much blue light exposure can contribute to digital eye strain.

Understanding Blue Light

Blue light is a visible light that contains a short wavelength and high energy. Human eyes are not very effective at blocking blue light rays. This means that when the blue light penetrates the eyes, it goes all the way through the eye to the retina. Being exposed to excessive levels of blue light may contribute to certain eye diseases, like macular degeneration.

Due to the risks of excessive blue light exposure, our ophthalmologist in Shreveport recommends that anyone, who uses a computer or spends an excessive amount of time looking at digital screens, schedule an appointment for blue light glasses in Shreveport.

Blue Light and Digital Eye Strain

Blue light exposure while viewing computer monitors, cell phones and tablets may contribute to digital eye strain systems, which include periods of blurry vision, headaches, and shoulder and/or neck pain. Thankfully, these symptoms rarely result in permanent eye damage, and they usually start dissipating after you stop looking at digital screens for a period of time.

However, if you notice that your digital eye strain symptoms are worsening, or they are affecting your ability to perform your day to day work activities, you should schedule an appointment with our eye doctors in Shreveport.

Blue Light Treatment Shreveport

Our eye doctors offer blue light treatment Shreveport for individuals suffering from digital eye strain due to excessive digital screen use. Our Shreveport ophthalmologists can listen to your medical history and symptoms and perform an eye examination to determine if you have a refractive error or dry eye that may be contributing to your symptoms.

Our Shreveport ophthalmologist will also recommend certain tips to help you limit your blue light exposure, including making sure your computer monitors are optimally placed and that you are taking frequent breaks.

Our ophthalmologist in Shreveport can also prescribe a pair of prescription or non-prescription blue light blocking lenses in Shreveport. Blue light glasses in Shreveport are effective at filtering out most of the blue light that is emitted from digital screens, which can help reduce your digital eye strain symptoms.

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