Glaucoma Treatment From Shreveport Eye Clinic

It's important to take good care of your vision by getting annual exams to screen for common eye diseases. Glaucoma can develop and not produce any problems with your vision until there has been damage done to your optic nerve because of high pressure in your eyes. If you haven't seen an eye doctor in over a year, you haven't seen an eye doctor in more than a year, contact Shreveport Eye Clinic and set up an appointment to have your vision checked.

Glaucoma Treatment From Shreveport Eye Clinic

Shreveport Ophthalmology Services For Glaucoma

Screening for glaucoma is important to your overall eye health. You aren't going to notice any symptoms of glaucoma until there has been damage done to your vision. Glaucoma is generally first noticed when there is elevated pressure in your eyes. This is discovered during a routine eye exam that includes testing the internal pressure of your eyes. Once you have visual problems from glaucoma, you already have damage to your optic nerves that can't be reversed. Early detection is your best chance of preserving your vision.

Conservative Glaucoma Treatment In Shreveport

If you have high pressure in your eyes, it's time to begin treatment to reduce your internal eye pressure. Treatment will be conservative, and you will either use eye drops or take medication to get your pressure back to normal. You may see your eye doctor more frequently to check your internal eye pressure and make sure the medication is working. When the internal eye pressure remains elevated despite medication, there are surgical ways the pressure can be reduced.

When Glaucoma Occurs

You can't predict if you are going to have glaucoma or not,  but it tends to occur in people as they get older. If you have a parent or sibling that has glaucoma, it's good to get your eye pressure checked because it can be hereditary. Glaucoma is a disease that you can't cure, but you can control glaucoma with medication. When you keep the internal eye pressure normal, you won't be damaging your vision any further. If you notice any vision changes, talk to your ophthalmology professional right away to report new symptoms.

Help For Glaucoma In Shreveport

Whether you have been a glaucoma suspect in the past, or you haven't had an eye exam in a while, contact Shreveport Eye Clinic at 318-861-4009 in Shreveport today. Careful screening of your vision once a year can help prevent damage to your vision from early glaucoma. If your eye pressure is tested and it is high, you can begin treatment before you notice any issues with your vision. Get the help you need and get your eyes examined yearly.


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