Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment from our Shreveport Ophthalmologists

If you have red and itchy eyes, you may have dry eye syndrome, a condition that affects nearly five million people. Thankfully, our Shreveport ophthalmologists can diagnose the cause of your uncomfortable eyes and recommend the appropriate dry eye treatment.

man rubbing his eye from dry eye irritation

Understanding Dry Eye and How It Affects Your Eye Health

Dry eye occurs when your eyes do not produce enough basal tears or if there is a problem with the tear composition. When either of these things occurs, your eyes do not stay hydrated or lubricated.

At first, you may think that there is something in your eye, like a speck of dust. Your eyes may also appear bloodshot or red, and you may also have problems with glare, blurry vision and night driving. While these may seem like nuisance systems, you should take them seriously and schedule an appointment with our ophthalmologists. The gritty feeling is your eyelids rubbing against your cornea, which can result in corneal scratches and eye infections that will need treatment by our ophthalmologists in Shreveport, LA.

Causes of Dry Eye Treated by Our Dry Eye Ophthalmologist

Our dry eye ophthalmologist can determine the causes of your dry eye and help you find dry eye relief. Common dry eye causes include blepharitis, hormonal changes, lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome and diabetes. Dry eye can also be caused by certain types of medications, not blinking enough and sitting in front of a fan or HVAC register. Our eye doctors can help determine what is causing your dry eye.

Eye Exams with our Ophthalmologists

Our ophthalmologists offer comprehensive eye exams that test for dry eye. If you are experiencing dry eye or other uncomfortable symptoms, you should tell your doctor during your eye exam. This will allow our ophthalmologists to perform additional exams to determine if you have dry eye.

If our eye doctors think you have a problem with your basal tears, we may perform one of our eyelid exams. Eyelid exams check for signs of blepharitis, which is an eye infection that can be caused by blocked oil glands.

Once we know the causes of your dry eye, our eye doctors will recommend a course of treatment to help alleviate your symptoms. Treatments from our ophthalmologists may include using dry eye drops and/or creams to help keep your eyes lubricated.

Get Dry Eye Treatment from our Shreveport Eye Doctors

For information on dry eye relief and to speak with one of our ophthalmologists in Shreveport, call us at 318-861-4009. The team at Shreveport Eye Clinic here to provide you with exceptional eye care services.


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