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About Our Shreveport Eye Clinic

Shreveport Eye Clinic providing Ophthalmology & optometry services to shreveport la including an optical center & pre/post operative care

Welcome to Shreveport Eye Clinic. You will find that our goal here is to provide you with the best comprehensive eye care in the Shreveport area. Our team is experienced, highly qualified, and eminently compassionate. We are also more than just ophthalmologists who only give you a basic eye health check and let you know if you need corrective lenses. We are your Shreveport ophthalmologist team, and can give you the most detailed examinations of your eyes, finding things a regular Shreveport optometry center might not. We can also treat diseases and conditions of the eye with vision therapy and medication, as well as perform surgery. All this, and we prescribe lenses, too. Whatever your eye needs are, we can assist you and give you the healthy vision you deserve.

Your Preferred Ophthalmologist in Shreveport

At Shreveport Eye Clinic, we are your preferred eye doctor in Shreveport. Our approach to eye care is unique, in that we utilize a team instead of just one Shreveport eye doctor. Our eye doctors work together to find the best way to give your eyes the things they need to be healthy. Each patient is unique, and has individual need. We take the time to make sure our eye doctors are all in agreement on your individual program of care, and that you are on board, too. We want you to have healthy, strong eyes, and to be comfortable with your treatment, too.

A Full-Service Shreveport Ophthalmology Practice

We have an extensive team of highly skilled, trained doctors of varying eye specialties available to you at our office. You can come in for a general eye exam, and let the first doctor you see refer you to one of our specialists, if needed. Or, you can choose a specialist from our list of doctors right from the beginning, if you already know what kind of treatment you need before you visit us. You can also change doctors within our practice at any time, so you will always be confident you are getting the treatment you need from a doctor with whom you are comfortable.

You can come to us for the most basic eye care needs, to surgical consultations. We handle all pre and post op care for our clients who are having eye surgery, and coordinate with their surgeons to make sure everyone is on the same page with the regimen of eye care prescribed. You can even find the frames or contact lenses that best meet your needs and sense of style here.

What to Do Next: Schedule Shreveport Eye Clinic

Contact us to schedule your appointment for your initial eye exam and get started on the road to excellent eye health. Put your eyes in the hands of the best ophthalmologist in Shreveport LA. Whoever you are looking for, you will find them here at our office. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Shreveport Eye Clinic family. You can reach us at:

Shreveport Eye Clinic

471 Ashley Ridge #300
Shreveport, LA 71106



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