Computer Vision Syndrome

If you have itchy, watery eyes, constantly have to rub your eyes to keep them in focus, or need to use artificial tears all through your work day, you may be suffering from computer vision syndrome. An increasing number of people are working on computers all day long, which has created a long list of people with these irritating symptoms. At the Shreveport Eye Clinic, we treat many patients who have eye problems from computers, and most of them recover quickly after treatment and making just a few simple lifestyle changes. 

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Ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA Talk about Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome, or CVS, isn't a disease but a complicated group of symptoms all caused by excess exposure to computers. A combination of the way the computer environment is laid out and the way your eyes react to facing the screen for long lengths of time creates the perfect storm for a list of irritating symptoms. If you've got computer vision syndrome, you probably have eyes that are either itchy and watery or dry and sticky. Your vision will probably blur or waver, especially toward the end of your workday. In addition, you may suffer from headaches and your shoulders and upper back may be tight and painful. 

Solving Eye Strain from Computers

While solving eye problems is a job for professionals, there are some basic lifestyle changes you can make that will help to prevent computer vision syndrome. Begin with giving your eyes a regular break. Every 15 minutes, look up from your computer for about half a minute and focus on an object on the other side of the room. This change of focus will give your eyes a break, allowing them to "stretch their muscles," so to speak. 

In addition, position your computer monitor so that it's 24 inches away from your face, and raise it up so that the center of the screen is directly in front of your eyes. Close blinds in the room to remove glare from shining on the screen. The less eye strain you have, the better your eyes will feel.

Need Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment in Shreveport?

There's no need to suffer from a long list of irritating symptoms. At our optometry clinic in Shreveport, we have an entire team of dedicated professionals just waiting to help you through this process. Computer vision syndrome isn't dangerous, but it can make your life miserable.

Contact our office today at (318) 861-4009 and we'll make an appointment to help you begin to take steps toward a more comfortable work day.


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