Our Ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA Offer Cataract Diagnosis & Treatment for Our Patients

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What are cataracts? You've probably heard of them before but you may not know what causes them, who gets them, and how they can affect your eyesight. Our ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA offer comprehensive cataract diagnosis and treatment so your vision remains as optimal as possible no matter what your age. 

What Are Cataracts? 

Cataracts are to your lens like fog is to a glass window. Changes in the proteins making up the fibers of your lens (which is the clear structure located inside your eye, directly behind your pupil) will cause the lens to become opaque with time. 

Age is one of the most common risk factors for cataracts; more than 24 million people over the age of 40 have one.  It may not be entirely clear why some people develop cataracts and some don't, but suggested risk factors include genetics and the environment:

  • Congenital (can occur in children)
  • Smoking
  • Excessive UV radiation exposure
  • The presence of diabetes or certain other chronic health conditions
  • A history of eye surgery or eye trauma

How to Tell if You Have Cataracts

By the time you begin to notice symptoms of your cataracts (blurry vision, difficulty seeing at night, seeing halos around bright lights), the condition has likely been present and progressing for quite some time. This means that common symptoms of cataracts are not noticeable at all! 

The good news is that even when no symptoms are present, our eye doctors in Shreveport can detect them on a comprehensive eye exam. And since earlier detection allows for earlier intervention which may help slow their progression, scheduling your family's eye exams in Shreveport is essential.

How A Shreveport Eye Doctor Can Diagnose & Treat Cataracts

At our clinic, you'll meet with a Shreveport eye doctor who can look at the internal structures of your eyes and test your vision to determine the presence of cataracts. Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment can be provided:

  • Prescription eyeglasses or contacts may restore clearer vision
  • Low vision strategies may compensate for vision loss
  • Cataract removal surgery and intraocular lens replacement can eliminate the damaged tissue (this is a relatively simple procedure done by our cataracts eye doctor team hundreds of times per year!)

An ophthalmologist in Shreveport can also help you prevent cataracts. How? Your eye doctor can educate you on important lifestyle changes, such as wearing broad-spectrum UV protecting sunglasses, to prevent the condition's development.

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