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  • Reasons to get Oculoplastic Surgery
    Reasons to get Oculoplastic Surgery in Shreveport at Our FacilityIf you are preparing to change your appearance with surgery, such as to fix droopy eyelids or to consult with a Read more
  • Ophthalmology FAQ
    Shreveport Ophthalmologist Provides Eye Surgery FAQIf you are in need of eye surgery or eye exams consider the services of an ophthalmologist at Shreveport Eye Clinic. We have several eye Read more
  • LASIK Eye Surgery
    Shreveport LASIK Eye SurgeryCorrecting a vision problem may require one of several treatment options, including prescription eyewear, medicated eye drops, or surgery. LASIK is one kind of refractive eye surgery that is Read more
  • The Importance of Getting Your Eyes Checked Regularly
    Eye Examinations at Shreveport Eye ClinicOur eye doctors, here at Shreveport eye clinic, want to help you maintain your visual acuity with regular eye exams. Eye exams are beneficial for Read more
  • Importance of Pediatric Eye Care
    The Importance of Pediatric Eye CareMost schools will give students vision examinations during the first year of school, but it's important for parents to bring their children for an eye Read more
  • Types of Contact Lenses
    Shreveport Eye Doctor Discusses Types of Contact LensesContact lenses are a comfortable and convenient way to have clear vision. Here at Shreveport Eye Clinic, we offer soft and hard contact Read more
  • When is Eye Surgery Needed in Shreveport and Bossier?
    When is Eye Surgery Needed in Shreveport and Bossier?At our Shreveport Eye Clinic, we take your eye health seriously. When you are experiencing problems with your eyesight, it's time to Read more
  • Ophthalmology vs. Optometry
    Ophthalmology vs. OptometryWhen you need to see an eye doctor, there are different types to choose from. Depending on the kind of care you need, you might have to make Read more
  • The Importance of Regular Eye Exams
    The Importance of Regular Eye ExamsOur Shreveport, Bossier eye clinic would like to remind you of the importance of regular eye exams to help catch eye diseases and detect vision Read more
  • We Offer State of the Art Intralase LASIK
    We Offer State of the Art Intralase LASIKThe IntraLase Method™Rather than relying on a blade (called a microkeratome) to cut the corneal flap during LASIK, the IntraLase Method™ (also called Read more


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