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  • Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery
    Lasik Surgery If you want to ditch your eyeglasses and contact lenses, then you might want to check out LASIK eye surgery. Through this innovative procedure, your eye doctor can restore your Read more
  • Treatment Options for Glaucoma
    Glaucoma is a very serious disease that occurs when there is an increase of intraocular pressure in the eye. Unfortunately, there is no cure for glaucoma. There are, however, treatments Read more
  • What is Myopia and What Should I Know?
    What is Myopia and What Should I Know in Shreveport, LA?If an ophthalmologist in Shreveport LA has diagnosed you with myopia, it is important to learn as much as you can about this Read more
  • The Dangers of Blue Light
    The Dangers of Blue LightNatural light can be broken down into a rainbow of colors, from warm red to cool blue. When we're outside, our bodies need all forms of Read more
  • What is Computer Vision Syndrome?
    What is Computer Vision Syndrome? From Your Shreveport OphthalmologistsMore people get computer jobs each year, spending hours each day staring at a computer screen. That can cause a real strain Read more
  • 5 Eye Safety Tips from Our Ophthalmologists
    5 Eye Safety Tips from Our Ophthalmologists in ShreveportAt The Eye Site Shreveport Eye Clinic, we'll be celebrating Eye Safety Month in October, and we want all our patients to know Read more
  • What is Macular Degeneration?
    What is Macular Degeneration?Macular degeneration is a vision problem caused by aging. In the early stages, you may not notice any change in your vision, but over time, the disease Read more
  • What You Should Know About Diabetic Retinopathy
    What You Should Know About Diabetic Retinopathy from Your Local Ophthalmologists in Shreveport, LAWhile it is important for anyone to see their eye doctors in Shreveport LA, it is especially Read more
  • Eye Diseases That Can Be Detected by An Eye Exam
    Eye Diseases That Can Be Detected by An Eye ExamHave you scheduled your eye disease exam yet? If not, you should think about doing it soon at Shreveport Eye Clinic. Read more
  • Don't Ignore Glaucoma Symptoms
    Our Shreveport Eye Doctor Reminds You Not To Ignore Glaucoma SymptomsLearn More: Glaucoma TreatmentOphthalmologists in Shreveport LA understand how complicated glaucoma can be. This progressive disease causes optic nerve damage Read more
  • What to know about cataracts
    What to Know About Cataracts in Shreveport LA Learn More: Cataract SurgeryOphthalmologists in Shreveport LA diagnose and treat cases of cataracts on a regular basis. Eye doctors in Shreveport like those at Read more
  • Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams
    Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams in ShreveportChildren need to get eye exams just as much as adults. As a parent, it's your job to ensure that your child sees the Read more
  • Reasons to get Oculoplastic Surgery
    Reasons to get Oculoplastic Surgery in Shreveport at Our FacilityIf you are preparing to change your appearance with surgery, such as to fix droopy eyelids or to consult with a Read more
  • Ophthalmology FAQ
    Shreveport Ophthalmologist Provides Eye Surgery FAQIf you are in need of eye surgery or eye exams consider the services of an ophthalmologist at Shreveport Eye Clinic. We have several eye Read more
  • LASIK Eye Surgery
    Shreveport LASIK Eye SurgeryCorrecting a vision problem may require one of several treatment options, including prescription eyewear, medicated eye drops, or surgery. LASIK is one kind of refractive eye surgery that is Read more
  • The Importance of Getting Your Eyes Checked Regularly
    Eye Examinations at Shreveport Eye ClinicOur eye doctors, here at Shreveport eye clinic, want to help you maintain your visual acuity with regular eye exams. Eye exams are beneficial for Read more


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