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The Importance of Getting Your Eyes Checked Regularly

Eye Examinations at Shreveport Eye ClinicShreveport eye clinic optometrists and opthamologists want to help you maintain your visual acuity with regular eye exams, beneficial for children & adults

Our eye doctors, here at Shreveport eye clinic, want to help you maintain your visual acuity with regular eye exams. Eye exams are beneficial for children and adults, even if there are no known vision problems and corrective lenses are not worn.

Benefits of Regular Eye Exams with our Eye Doctor

Eye exams with our eye doctor involve checking your vision and your eye health, which can help catch eye diseases at the beginning stages when they are most easily treated and monitored. If you are a diabetic or have high blood pressure or another chronic disease, it is especially important that you receive regular eye checkups. Certain chronic health conditions can increase your risk for developing certain eye diseases.

Types of Eye Exams Offered by our Shreveport Ophthalmologist

Our Shreveport ophthalmologist and optometrist offer several different types of eye exams. Your specific eye exam will depend on whether or not you currently wear corrective lenses and if you have any eye diseases.

  • Routine Eye Exams – Everyone from infants to senior citizens should receive yearly eye exams. These exams test your visual acuity and check for certain eye diseases and conditions.

  • Glasses Exams – These exams are designed to test your eyes for refractive errors and provide you with corrective lenses. Once our eye doctor has determined the amount of vision correction you need, a prescription will be written for a pair of glasses.

  • Contacts Exams – These exams test your vision and fit your eyes for contact lenses.

  • Eye Disease Exams – If you have an eye disease, like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy or AMD, you will want to schedule an in-depth, eye disease examination. These exams include testing your visual acuity and taking pictures of the back of your eye in order to monitor your eye disease’s progression and receive timely treatment.

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