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Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams in ShreveportShreveport Eye Exams

Children need to get eye exams just as much as adults. As a parent, it's your job to ensure that your child sees the ophthalmologist in Shreveport. As your child's eye doctor, we can help your child get the care he or she needs in order to maintain healthy eyes. One of the ways that we maintain your child's eyesight in Shreveport is by providing eye exams for kids. Children need to get eye exams at least once each year. Below are some of the reasons that it's important for your child to get annual eye exams in Shreveport.

Benefits of Pediatric Eye Exams in Shreveport

  1. Children need healthy eyes in order to perform well in school. Good vision and healthy eyes are necessary to see the blackboard and read the assignments in school. Eye exams can help ensure that your child can perform well academically.
  2. Having healthy eyes can help children develop proper coordination. During eye exams, your child's eye doctor will check that your child's eyes work together as a team. This visual functionality can help your child participate in sports and develop proper hand eye coordination.
  3. Eye exams help prevent serious or deadly eye diseases. Getting a regular eye exam can help your child's Shreveport ophthalmologist to catch eye diseases in their early stages. This helps your child get the care he or she needs when it's needed, thus preventing eye diseases from advancing.
  4. Eye exams can help protect your child's vision. Shreveport pediatric eye exams can prevent blindness from conditions like glaucoma and others. Since loss of vision from eye diseases is often permanent, getting eye exams can protect your child in an important way.

Contact Your Child's Shreveport Ophthalmologist

As your child's Shreveport Ophthalmologist, we do our best to protect your child's vision and eye health. We provide the best eye care to the children of Shreveport and the surrounding community. To make an appointment and bring in your child to see an eye care specialist, contact Shreveport Eye Clinic today at 318-861-4009.


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