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What to know about cataracts

What to Know About Cataracts in Shreveport LA cataract exam in shreveport

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Ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA diagnose and treat cases of cataracts on a regular basis. Eye doctors in Shreveport like those at Shreveport Eye Clinic have a profound understanding of the condition. We realize much of the information circulating about cataracts isn't true.

1. There's Isn't a Nonsurgical Cure for Cataracts

Currently, there isn't a nonsurgical cure for cataracts available. The only way to cure cataracts is through surgery, but symptoms can be managed in the early stages. Glasses and contacts help when the symptoms are mild, and there isn't a great deal of vision loss. However, as the condition worsens, you'll need to undergo surgery. 

2. Cataract Surgery in Shreveport Isn't Always Necessary

Not every person who develops cataracts requires the same cataract treatment in Shreveport. Some cases are mild and stay that way, so you may never have to undergo surgery, as long as your symptoms are manageable with corrective eyewear. 

3. Cataracts Don't Always Develop in Both Eyes

It's possible to develop cataracts in one eye only. Some people do develop it in both eyes simultaneously, but eye doctors in Shreveport tend to only conduct surgery on one eye at a time. 

4. Symptoms of Cataracts Vary

Not every case of cataracts is the same. Some people will experience blurry vision all of the time. However, you may only have symptoms under certain conditions. For instance, cataracts may cause issues with how the light enters into the eye, which can cause difficulty driving at night only. On the other hand, some people suffer from complete blindness as a result of cataracts. 

5. Cataracts Aren't Always Visible

Just because you don't have a visible clouding on the outside of the eye doesn't mean you don't have cataracts. A majority of cataracts cloud the lens inside of the eye, so you'll never see any issues on the outside. 

6. Age Plays a Role in the Onset of Cataracts

As you age, you're at a greater risk of developing cataracts. Sun exposure and other forms of radiation increase your risk of cataracts.

If you think you have cataracts, already have one or would like to schedule an examination to see if you have one, contact us at the Shreveport Eye Clinic in Shreveport LA at 318-861-4009.

Learn More: Cataract Surgery


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