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Don't Ignore Glaucoma Symptoms

Our Shreveport Eye Doctor Reminds You Not To Ignore Glaucoma Symptomsshreveport and bossier glaucoma screening

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Ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA understand how complicated glaucoma can be. This progressive disease causes optic nerve damage that leads to vision loss. While there are many types of glaucoma, there are two forms of the disease that account for the majority of cases: primary open-angle (POAG) and angle-closure glaucoma (ACG).

Symptoms of Open-Angle Glaucoma

Often referred to a sneaky ‘silent thief of sight’ because there are no symptoms until the disease has progressed, primary open-angle glaucoma is best diagnosed with regular exams with your eye doctors in Shreveport. POAG is the most common type of this disease and many people aren’t even aware that they have it. Typically, it will present itself with slowly progressing loss of peripheral vision and sharpness of sight. At this point, vision loss is irreversible even with glaucoma surgery in Shreveport. Your best defense from primary open-angle glaucoma is regular eye examinations.

Symptoms of Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma

ACG occurs when the angle becomes closed in certain areas that cause eye pressure to increase, which damages the optic nerve gradually. Symptoms you may notice include:

  • Blurry Vision
  • Hazy Vision
  • Rainbow Circles Around Lights
  • Eye or Head Pain
  • Sudden Loss of Sight

Acute-angle glaucoma’s symptoms are typically very noticeable from the onset, and this disease progresses quickly. Glaucoma treatment in Shreveport or glaucoma eye drops may be able to assist with reducing some of your symptoms. While there’s no way to ‘cure’ glaucoma or restore sight lost due to its progression, your eye doctors in Shreveport can recommend the best course of action if you’re diagnosed.

Schedule a Glaucoma Screening With Our Ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA

Here at Shreveport Eye Clinic, we have the most advanced diagnostic equipment that can help us identify whether you are at risk for glaucoma. Within seconds, we can perform an exam with immediate results concerning the health of your eyes. In fact, our glaucoma test can help us detect other diseases such as diabetes. Call our ophthalmologists in Shreveport LA today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam today.

Learn More: Glaucoma Treatment


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