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Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

Lasik Surgery

If you want to ditch your eyeglasses and contact lenses, then you might want to check out LASIK eye surgery. Through this innovative procedure, your eye doctor can restore your vision and potentially free you from having the use eyeglasses and contacts to see clearly. If you want to go into this procedure with confidence, explore the three following benefits of acquiring this corrective surgery.

Vision Improvements to 20/40 or Better

Most people who complete the LASIK eye surgery process end up with 20/40 or better vision almost right away. You will need to take a few days for healing before resuming your normal activities, but after that, you can simply see at 20/40 or better without corrective lenses. Your vision may continue to improve over the first few weeks after the procedure as well.

Fast Healing Times

Most people are fully healed from laser eye surgery within just one week. After the first couple days, you should notice a dramatic improvement to your vision. Your eye doctor will provide eye drops and aftercare instructions that help to keep you comfortable in the first couple days. The light sensitivity and discomfort will steadily dissipate, giving you a glimpse of your clear vision.

Supportive Follow-Up Care

Your Shreveport Ophthalmologist will provide the highest level of care throughout the LASIK treatment process. You will return to the clinic a day or two after your procedure to have an exam and report your symptoms to your eye doctor. Your ophthalmologist will examine your eyes and check your vision level to confirm your treatment was a success. At the end of your appointment, you may receive additional eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated and pain free throughout the healing process.

Schedule Your Ophthalmologist Appointment in Shreveport to Learn More

If you would like to correct your vision and achieve freedom from eyeglasses and contact lenses, call your Shreveport ophthalmologist 318-861-4009 to inquire about LASIK. Your eye doctor will help you decide if you want to complete this procedure and correct your vision permanently. Call our LASIK clinic today to find the most convenient time and date to come in and discuss your care needs.


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